to squash / crush / press a button

Example 1
“Adios que te vaya bien, que te coja un carro, que te parta un rayo, que te espiche un tren.”  (From the Aterciopelados song ‘Adios que te vaya bien)
Bye, I hope that things go well for you, that you get hit by a car, struck by lightning, crushed by a train.
Example 2
Es decir hay que espichar al tiempo ambos botones del máus.
In other words you have to push both buttons on the mouse at the same time.
"Amor, ¡me estás espichando!"

“Amor, ¡me estás espichando!”

A friend of mine was in the Colombian coffee region recently, and a store clerk immediately spotted her as from Bogotá.  “¿Como supiste?” she asked, and he answered that it was obvious — she used the word espichar.  So it may be more Bogotano than Colombian.

Meanings elsewhere:  to go flat (Andes); to tap a phone (other parts of South America)


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