estar puto


to be pissed off

 (literally: to be male whore)

Por la forma que me contestó se notaba que estaba puto.
You could tell from the way he answered me that he was pissed off.  
estar puto


Meanings elsewhere:  womanizer (Nic), homosexual (Bol), male prostitute (Mex, etc)

See also:  berraco


[estar] berraco


to be pissed off / in a bad mood

 (literally: male pig)

berraco colombia

Example 1
Los estudiantes abuchearon al expresidente y gritaron, “¡Uribe, paraco, el pueblo está berraco!”
The students booed the ex-president and shouted, “Uribe, paramilitary, the people are pissed off!”
Example 2
Usted está como berraco desde hace varios dias.
You’ve been in kind of a bad mood for a few days now.
See also:  ni por el berraco, ser berraco