to wander / stroll around

(root: pata [paw])

Example 1
Se nota que no les ha tocado patonearse entregando hojas de vida, porque los papas les consiguen trabajito.
You can tell that they’ve never had to walk the city turning in CVs, because their parents get them jobs.

patonearse por la sede

Example 2
Uno se patonea la sede tratando de conseguir un testimonio y todo el mundo responde que claro, que se enteraron de lo que pasó.
You can wander around the campus trying to find witnesses and everyone says that of course they’ve heard what happened. 



to screw

 (literally: to throw / pull)

Be careful!  Although tirar still means throw here as well, Colombians will often subconsciously avoid misunderstanding by using words like botar in its place.

Case in point:   A Scottish friend of mine was trying to throw someone out of his party. “Te voy a tirar en la calle,” he said. His friends were left giggling, wondering why he wanted to have sex with the guy in the street.

tirar sexo colombia

The other pottymouth terms from around the world (joder coger follar / etc) aren’t really heard in Colombia.