estar puto


to be pissed off

 (literally: to be male whore)

Por la forma que me contestó se notaba que estaba puto.
You could tell from the way he answered me that he was pissed off.  
estar puto


Meanings elsewhere:  womanizer (Nic), homosexual (Bol), male prostitute (Mex, etc)

See also:  berraco


llevado del berraco


to be in a bad situation

 (literally: brought from the male pig)

llevado del berraco

Example 1
Dicen que el man está llevado del berraco, enfermo por unos tiros que le habían pegado hace muchos años.
They say the guy is f***ed, still sick from few gunshots that hit him years ago.  
Example 2
Eses políticos son ladrones que dejan al pueblo colombiano llevado del berraco.
Those politicians are thieves that leave the Colombian people in a shit situation.
See also:  ni por el berraco, ser berraco