estar bravo / ponerse bravo


 to be angry / to get angry

(literally: to be fierce, boastful, or stormy)

Although in school you may have learned enfadado/enfadarse (Spain) or enojado/enojarse (LatAm), step off the plane in Colombia and you realize that when people are pissed off, they’re usually bravo


Example 1
Ok, pero no te pongas bravo, simplemente me estoy expresando.
Ok, but don’t get pissed off, I’m just expressing my opinion

chica brava

Example 2
Una tipa venia toda brava y por detrás llegó el novio. La abrazó y le dio un ramo de rosas. ¡Yo casi lloro! 
A chick walked up all angry and behind her came her boyfriend.  He hugged her and gave her a bouquet of roses.  I almost cried! 

This use of bravo can be found from Mexico to Colombia, but it doesn’t look like it has traveled much further south (and is definitely not said in Chile or Argentina.)


estar puto


to be pissed off

 (literally: to be male whore)

Por la forma que me contestó se notaba que estaba puto.
You could tell from the way he answered me that he was pissed off.  
estar puto


Meanings elsewhere:  womanizer (Nic), homosexual (Bol), male prostitute (Mex, etc)

See also:  berraco